23 of July 2024
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From 2022, box 8a "Country of origin" of the Intrastat statistical report UPS-01 for dispatches (monthly) must be completed not only on entry but also on departure, and a new box 8b "Partner identification code" will also have to be filled in. The changes will take effect on 1 January 2022 after entry into force of the rules for filling, submission and acceptance of statistical forms for Intrastat statistical reports, approved by Order No. DĮ-186/1B-527 of 30 July 2021 of the Director General of the Lithuanian Department of Statistics and the Director General of the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.

The structure of the updated Intrastat report for external users is published in the section "Submission of Intrastat reports".


Consultations on access to the Customs electronic services portal, consultations on filling out, submitting and accepting Intrastat statistical reports by e-mail and phone (+370 5) 2665000.

Consultations on connecting to IDAIS (online application software for processing data related to trade between the Republic of Lithuania and EU states) in the event of IT incidents by e-mail and phone (+370 5) 236 2302.

Consultations on determination of Intrastat obligation are provided by the State Data Agency e-mails; and phone +(370 6) 3180143.

The data processing of the reports presented in the INSTAT/XML document file has changed. One INSTAT/XML document file can provide up to 50,000 product rows, the maximum number of possible errors that can be corrected in real time is 500.

The result of processing the submitted report is presented later, depending on the scope of the submitted report. While the report is being processed, it is possible to continue working with IDAIS, such as submitting other reports or logging out.

Intrastat reports are submitted only electronically (via Internet), using the Intrastat report collection and processing system IDAIS at
For submitting Intrastat reports to the IDAIS system for the first time, please register on the Customs Electronic Services Portal – Common user management portal (BAP) at The Customs Electronic Services Portal User's Guide is available here.
You can find the Rules on Provision of Customs Electronic Services here.
The recipients of customs electronic services, having received access to customs electronic systems by means of the Electronic Service Portal (ESP) before 23 November 2019, are automatically granted from 25 November 2019 access to the IDAIS as well as the rights to carry out actions according to all activity profiles applied so far.

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